So you just booked your session! YAY!! I’m dancing around the room for you!

This is going to be an amazing, unforgettable, LIFE-CHANGING experience!! I seriously cannot wait for you to experience this!

You clear your calendar and let everyone know you’re finally doing it.

But then you think ….

Oh crap! What am I going to wear???

Don’t worry, this is the number one question I get asked! 

Here are my outfit ideas and suggestions. 

NUMBER ONE!! Please make sure that it is something that you feel sexy and comfortable in. If you wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable it will show in your photographs!

I can’t tell you how many women buy something because it looks cute in the store. They come to my studio, put it on, they feel super uncomfortable and you can see it all over their face! 

So I know you’re thinking, but Sara, we're getting practically naked in front of a stranger of course we’re going to feel uncomfortable.

YES, but this is different.

A bad outfit choice makes you question everything.

So here’s what I am saying. 

If you feel your sexiest in a t-shirt and boy shorts, don’t buy a thong and see-through bra. 

That’s not your vibe.

Do you get what I’m saying??

Comfort and sexy ... ALWAYS overrides a “cute” outfit. 

Two - FIT!

Let’s be honest, our bodies are changing ALLLL the time!! 

You are most likely not the same size as you were a year ago. So don’t squeeze into something that is going to leave red marks and pinch and pull. Just. Go. Up. A. Size.

Like I always tell my daughter, no one is going to look at the size on your tag. Buy what fits.

Three - Advice

I’m always here for you. You can text me or call me with any questions.

Send me a pic or screenshot of what you are thinking about. I will give you my honest opinion.

Ask someone who you trust will guide you in the right direction.

We all have that girlfriend who doesn’t always dress her best, don’t ask her.

Where to shop.


I highly suggest finding a lingerie shop in your area. They can give you the best one on one service and help you find the best fit for your body.

Malls are starting to fade out and I am always on the fence about Victoria’s Secret, but you can always try shopping there. They will measure you for free and let you know the best size to get. My first bra fitting was there and they taught me the “boob scoop” IYKYK.

Maybe I’ll do a post on that later. 


This can be a little bit tricky.

If you are 100% sure about what size you are, go for it. Some stores have a no-return policy on lingerie items.

I love Amazon for affordable one-pieces and fish nets.

Torrid has amazing pieces from size 10 and up.

Honey Birdette is at a higher price point but they have some gorgeous lingerie. 

You can do a subscription service like Adoreme.

Savage X Fenty is definitely rising the ranks in popularity. There are very size inclusive and have some really cute designs. There are also in the more affordable range. 

Of course, there are thousands of options out there but this will give you a start. 


Color is important and Black is for sure the most popular color but make sure that you pick something that looks good with your skin tone. 


Try to avoid rhinestones. They don’t photograph well and you want to save the “bling” for your jewelry.


We are not doing a photo session for Victoria's Secret so don’t buy something with their logo/name plastered all over it. A small logo is fine but keep it at that. 


Don’t forget your wedding ring! Or any other jewelry pieces that you want to wear. 

The most important thing to remember is that these will be your images. This is your photoshoot. How do you want to look?? 

XO - Sara 

Hello gorgeous! I’m Sara, owner of Sara Monroe Studios, a boudoir photographer specializing in body positivity and self-love journeys of all kinds! I hope you found my “What To Wear For Your Boudoir Photography Session” feature I shared today to be helpful. If you are interested in booking a session with me, let’s chat! Not quite ready, but you want to keep in touch? Not a problem! You can sign up for my newsletter here or follow me on Instagram.

Sara is an award-winning Crown Point & Chicago Boudoir Photographer. She earned her Masters's Degree in Photography in 2019 and continues to be a photography educator. 

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