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I've been deeply immersed in the world of photography and design since 2010. It was during the final stages of my graduate degree that I discovered my passion for teaching. I found joy in sharing my knowledge, particularly when it came to simplifying complex photography techniques and editing processes for my peers. They appreciated how I made photography accessible and advantageous for
Once I finished my MFA in Photography I started teaching at local Community Colleges and my classes ALWAYS had a waitlist!

Hi, I'm Sara!

I'm the woman behind this business, and I'm genuinely thrilled to have you here!

Let me share a little about what motivated me to offer educational services?

Since I launched my business, I've been a solopreneur, which means I've worn multiple hats and juggled numerous responsibilities.

Through this journey, I've gradually honed my processes and found ways to simplify things, both for myself and my clients.

What I'm truly passionate about is extending a helping hand to fellow creatives who grapple with these same challenges.

Drawing from my own experiences, I've gained the expertise to assist you in taking your business to the next level!

Looking for a mentor?

Ask Me Anything

Experience a 90-minute one-on-one video chat with me during these personalized 'Ask Me Anything' sessions. This exclusive opportunity allows us to delve deep into any topic you desire. It's the perfect chance to tap into my expertise, whether you have questions about pricing, enhancing your customer experience, refining your editing skills, boosting your social media marketing efforts, fostering community, or any other aspect of your journey. I'm here to share my knowledge and insights with you!


Studio Day Mentorship

Immerse yourself in a full-day experience that spans 6 hours of hands-on boudoir mentorship in our studio. These extended sessions are designed for those who appreciate the freeform nature of our AMA sessions and are seeking a more immersive experience, featuring live posing and photography guidance. We can also do a portfolio review at this time.


Ready to do this?

I'm @saramonroestudios on all the platforms!

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