Hey gorgeous!! We just opened our books for JUNE!! Can you believe we are well on our way to Spring!?

We have added more availability to our calendar and are giving first dibs to our VIP BABES! The session will take place at our studio in Crown Point, IN. After submitting this contact form, we will immediately send over a contract and invoice. Please complete both immediately to claim your date!

Let’s walk through a few details about how this will work!

Since you probably haven’t done a boudoir session with me before, I just want to take a moment to assure you that you are in great hands with me - I’m going to be here to guide you through this entire experience from what to wear, to hair and makeup, and also how to do all of these crazy poses! I always demonstrate every single pose for my clients myself first, so you get to watch me do it, which is hilarious because in case you haven't noticed, I’m a huge dork!

Here's what's included!

  • A pre-session consultation
  • Wardrobe & Styling advice
  • Expert posing and guidance throughout your shoot
  • Professional Hair & Makeup (hellooo, makeover!!)
  • A one-hour photoshoot
  • Professional retouching of all your final images

*** Images from your session (digitals, prints, and products) are purchased separately ***

✨ Shoot day timeline ✨

You will plan to arrive at 1:00 PM on the day of your shoot. We will jump right into hair and makeup, then try out outfits, choose your favorites and get to work! Typically, we finish shooting by 4:00 PM. I will reach out to you when your photos are ready that’s when we have your Viewing Session and you get to see all of your beautiful images!

✨ Collections and A la Carte ✨

We have two main options that we offer all of our clients! Option one is to purchase one of the packages that we call “Collections.” Option two is to buy from the A La Carte Menu where you can buy a solo album if you don’t want a Collection. All of our clients typically end up going with one of our Collections.

For now, let me start by going over the least expensive option we offer on the A La Carte Menu - which is our Little Black Book Album. The Little Black Book Album is the smallest album that we offer. It’s 5 inches by 5 inches, so it’s square. That album has 8 images printed inside on lay-flat pages with a black leather cover and it starts at $1500. 8 images aren’t very many, which is why we don’t sell that album very often, but sometimes people want to know what the cheapest thing they can buy is, so there you have it!

Honestly, most people go with one of our 5 different Collections. Each collection comes with an Album and a Metal Wall portrait, and a variety of other products bundled together and discounted compared to what they cost on the A La Carte menu. Some of the Collections also include digital files and a mobile phone app too (everyone LOVES this! Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, they all are obsessed!) Collections start at 20 images, so more than double the number of images that come in the Little Black Book. Collections begin at $2800 and go up from there based on what is included.

✨ Pre-Session Payment Plans!✨

Essentially a pre-session payment plan is just an installment plan where we take the Collection you’d like to purchase and simply divide it into smaller payments. We have them set up so that you start them right after booking, and it’s fully paid off 30 days before your shoot date. It’s all done in-house, interest-free on an auto-draft system. You just “set it and forget it,” you know what I mean? If my bills aren’t on autopay, I know I always forget to pay them so this way is super easy! And the great thing about our Pre Session Payment Plans is that when the day of your shoot rolls around you’re paid in full, and we can focus on having an amazing day and not worrying so much about swiping your card at the end. It’s kind of like a prepaid Christmas present to yourself!! And it’s totally stress-free.

**Our studio minimum investment is $1600 and must be paid in full 30 days before your session.**


Fill out this contact form and LET’S DO THIS!!!!

Your discounted session fee of $295 is due at booking.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks again and talk soon! I’m so excited to work with you!!