🔮✨Zodiac Goddess MODEL CALL ✨🔮

🫶Please read this entire post🫶

We are looking for TWELVE (ONE for each zodiac sign) women who are interested in having a Boudoir Session at Sara Monroe Studios.

Here's what's included!

For your participation, you will receive a FREE SESSION (normally $500) plus our FULL experience!!

In exchange for signing a model release, you will receive a waived Session Fee! This Session Fee is normally $500 and includes the following:

One (1) included/complimentary digital image of your choice!

  • $200 credit toward your purchase!!!
  • Wardrobe & Styling advice
  • Expert posing and guidance throughout your shoot
  • Professional Hair & Makeup (hellooo, makeover!!)
  • A one-hour photoshoot
  • Professional retouching of all your final images

*** Images from your session (digitals, prints, and products) are purchased separately ***


Model Call Session cannot take the place of an already booked Boudoir Session, but currently booked clients are welcome to apply if interested in an additional session!

  • Must be 21 +
  • Must sign a FULL model release (allowing your photos to be posted online)
  • Must not be a Professional Model
  • ALL body types are encouraged to apply! We are looking for a variation of sizes to represent beauty!

*** There is a $200 non-refundable retainer due at the time of booking that will be applied to the purchase of any Collection; applicants that commit to a product purchase will be given priority during our selection process. ***


Please fill out the form below to begin the process. If you are chosen I'll be reaching out to you for the next steps.

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